Black mold found in Lakeland Florida home requiring professional mold remediation process

Mold needs water or moisture in order to grow. As such, it is typically found in dark, moist spaces, including the attics, Central Florida crawl spaces, and areas that had recent water damage. Toxic mold can grow anywhere in your home. If mold is present in a large quantity, you should not attempt to remove the mold on your own.

Dislodged mold spores can spread mold around your home or business causing cross contamination increasing potential health risks. Eliminating mold problems requires a professional mold remediation company that can help to complete the mold cleaning process and safely remove mold from your space. 

Understanding Mold Remediation Procedures

Mold remediation is the process of correctly removing all growing mold from a space. Additionally, mold remediation consists of a mold testing process where we determine type of mold growing and why it's infested your space. If you simply complete the mold mititigation process and mold cleaning process without a certified mold inspection to address the root cause as to why mold is growing, mold will grow back and become a long term problem.

Certified mold remediation companies like Rytech Restoration of Central Fl have have the experience required to determine why the mold is growing in the space in the first place and address that issue, before proceeding to remove mold from the space. 

The Different Levels of Florida Mold Infestations

Most people do not realize it, but there are different levels of mold remediation that require unique set of mold remediation procedures standards. In fact, there are five different levels of mold contaminations, with a one being the smallest level of remediation needed and a five being the highest level of remediation needed. Read on to learn more about what the different remediation levels mean: 

  • Level one consists of a small infestation affecting up 10 square feet of contaminated area in a home, all typically in the same space.
  • Level two consists of a small infestation affecting up 10 to 30 square feet of affected area in a home, still typically in the same space or room. 
  • Level three consists of a medium-sized infestation that affects 30 to 100 square yards length and width in a home, and typically spans more than one room or space.
  • Level four consists of a large infestation that affects  over 100 square feet in a home and spans multiple rooms or spaces.
  • Level five is a major infestation and affects HVAC systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems and/or air ducts.

The Steps Followed During Mold Remediation Process Steps

One mold question that we are frequently asked is what is included in the black mold remediation process. It is important to note that we make an individualized remediation plan to deal with mold in each house, and as such, the mold mitigation process steps involved may vary from the ones listed below. However, this is a general plan that a residential homeowner or commercial business can typically expect when mold requires remediation. 

Step 1: Prevent Mold Spores From Spreading

The first step in the mold remediation timeline is to prevent mold spores from spreading in a home. A professional will where protective equipment following EPA mold guidelines an place HEPA vacuum filtration systems and polyethylene sheeting (plastic sheeting) to contain the space where the mold inspection process identified an infestation. The goal behind this process is to ensure mold spores do not spread through the home while the mold is being removed. 

Step 2: Determine Why Mold is Growing and Addressing the Problem

Once the space is fully contained, our certified mold inspectors will get to working determining why mold is growing in your space. Rytech will try to determine if there is a leak or why moisture is present. The source of your mold issue must be identify prior to removing mold or in conjunction with the mold removal process. 

Step 3: Discard Materials That Cannot Be Salvaged

Step three involves going through the space and discarding of moldy materials in plastic bags that the mold has stained, or that mold damage cannot be removed. Many porous materials in your space, such as ceiling tiles and drywall, cannot be salvaged. A professional has to bag them up and properly discard them. 

Step 4: Use Chemicals or Fungicide to Erradicate and Kill Mold

Once everything that cannot be salvaged is removed from the space, Rytech Restoration of Central Florida's mold professionals will use chemicals, typically fungicides, to kill the mold. As the mold is dying, our professionals will use a brush to scrape away the dead mold and wipe off any chemicals used during the process. We'll repeat the disinfecting process until all of the toxic mold is removed. 

Step 5: Encapsulate Any Remaining Mold 

If any mold remains, an encapsulating material will be used to essentially seal the mold in place. This prevents spores from dislodging off of moldy surfaces and limits health issues from worsening. This step is typically completed on materials that cannot be removed from a home, such as structural beams. 

Step 6: Get Your Space Back to Normal

After the mold from your space is removed, the final step is to get your space back to normal. This involves replacing any building materials that had to be removed, cleaning your space up and sanitizing it. After this step is completed, your home will be safe for you to live in again. 

Signs When The Process Of Remediating Mold Will Help You

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you have professional mold remediation completed in your home if you have ten or more square feet of surfaces or materials in your home that have mold growth on them. You may also need to hire a certified Florida mold inspector determined that the mold growth was black mold or toxic mold.

Try not to disturb the mold infestation, as it might spread mold spores around your home. Finally, consider hiring a mold professional if you have, or suspect you have, mold-related illness or any breathing conditions, such as asthma, that can be exacerbated by mold spores. 

Trust Rytech Restoration's Professional Mold Remediation Process To Solve Your Mold Problem

If you have a large amount of dangerous mold growing in your Central Florida home, you need a mold remediation company who knows how to properly, safely and correctly remove the mold issues from your space, and prevent it from growing back.

Here at Rytech Restoration, our professional Florida mold remediators have the skills, experience and knowledge to eradicate mold that is growing in your home and prevent it from appearing again in the future. Contact us to discuss your mold issues and to find out if the professional mold remediation process is the right solution to help rid your home or business of mold so you can get back to normal.

Frequently Asked Central Florida Mold Remediation Process Questions

Depending on the severity of the infestation, you may be required to stay out of the affected space or stay out of your home completely. If you are required to stay out of your space, you can return to your home as soon as mold remediation is completed and final inspection. When possible, Rytech's mold remediators ask you to stay out of the affected spaces for at least 24 hours after remediation is completed. 

If mold remediation is completed properly, all of the mold will be removed from your space and you will not have to worry about mold growing back in the same space in the future. If you have any water events in the future, such as pipes bursting or flooding in your home, you should hire a Central Florida water damage restoration service provider like Rytech Restoration of Central FL to prevent water from turning to mold. 

A mold remediation company in Florida is not required to obtain a permit to remove mold in your space. However, in the state of Florida, all mold remediation companies are required to be licensed or be certified by the state as a mold assessor in order to remove 10 square feet of mold or more in a home or commercial space. At Rytech Restoration, we are licensed in the state of Florida as a mold remediation company.

Mold remediation can be pricey, and as such, you may find yourself wondering if the mold remediation process is covered by home insurance. Generally speaking, if the event that caused the mold is a covered event under your policy, the mold remediation service would be covered. Rytech Restoration of Central FL can help reach out to your insurance company to find out for sure whether mold remediation services are covered as a part of your insurance policy.