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Certified Lakeland Florida Mold Removal Services

Think You Have A Mold Problem?

Mold is not something that you want to live with. Not even if it's hidden away in your attic space. If you suspect you have mold growing in your home, or you know for certain that you do, it is important to hire companies that remove mold.

Certified Lakeland mold remediation companies like Rytech can safely remove mold from your house, as well as determine why the mold is present, to begin with. This is the key to helping to prevent mold growth in the future. Here at Rytech Restoration, we can help with mold remediation services, ranging from small mold problems to extensive mold issues. 

Signs That Black Mold Is Growing In Your Home

In some cases, it is obvious that you have mold growing in your home. You may be able to see the mold growth with your own eyes. Emergency water damage services remove high volumes of water, but if mold growth was already present the contamination may still be visible after the property is dried out.

Lakeland FL crawlspace mold damage image showing white mold before remediation and no mold after services are completed.

In other cases, it may not be obvious that mold is growing in your home. This is because mold likes to grow in dark, damp places, and often, many of these places are hidden. If your Central Florida home was ability above ground, your might require crawl space mold removal services while living in the home.

If you can smell a mildew-like scent or a musty scent, there is a good chance that mold is growing. Another sign that black mold may be growing in your home is seeing your walls warp. Mold may be growing in the spaces between your walls, which can make your walls warp or look wavy.

The final sign that black mold may be growing in your home is that people residing in your home are becoming ill for no reason. Some of the symptoms related to mold exposure include a sore throat, runny nose, scratchy or itchy throat, coughing, sneezing, and red or irritated eyes. Some people also complain of headaches, nausea, and trouble concentrating. 

Common Places Black Mold Grows:

Black mold can grow just about anywhere in your home. As long as there is moisture or water present, black mold can thrive. Black mold can grow on many different types of surfaces and materials, including drywall, insulation, wood, carpets, and upholstered furniture. Some of the most common spaces where black mold grows within a home include:

  • Bathroom
  • Crawlspace
  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Attic

Determining What Types of Mold Are Growing In Your Home

One of the most common misconceptions about mold is that you can tell what type of mold is growing just by looking at it. This is not the case. While black mold is usually black or brown, it can also range in color from green to yellow to white.

Black mold also typically has fuzzy white fur growing on it, but this is not always the case. Lastly, black mold typically starts growing in a dot or circular pattern but winds up leaving behind a pattern that looks like streaky dirt on the wall. However, while these may be good indicators that you are dealing with black mold, they should never be used to determine for sure that black mold is growing in a home.

The only way to properly determine what type of mold is growing in your space is for Rytech Restoration of Central Florida's mold remediators to provide mold inspection and testing services, and submit a sample of the mold to a lab. The lab can look at the mold and mold spores under a microscope and definitively say what type of mold is growing in the space. 

No matter the time or day, Rytech will be there.

The Health Problems Related to Black Mold

One of the biggest problems associated with black mold is that it can cause health problems. In normal, healthy people, black mold is not a huge issue, though it may cause many symptoms that emulate allergies or the common cold. This may include red, itchy, or watery eyes, a runny nose, congestion, a sore or scratchy throat, and coughing or sneezing.

Black mold can cause more severe symptoms in the elderly, infants, those who have compromised immune systems, or those who have breathing conditions, such as allergies. These individuals may experience the issues listed above, as well as breathing issues, including wheezing or trouble catching their breath. These individuals are also more likely to experience mold poisoning, which can cause headaches, aches, and pain in the body, fever, trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss.

If anyone in your family is experiencing any of these symptoms, and you and your doctors cannot figure out why, there is a chance that hidden mold in your home could be causing the health problems. 


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The Importance of Black Mold Removal

By now you know that black mold can impact your health and the health of your family. This is one of the main reasons why it is so important that remediation mold be completed, helping to eradicate mold that is growing in your home. However, this is not the only reason why you should remove black mold from your home.

Mold infestation on ceiling of Lakeland Florida residential home

Black mold is not only dangerous to your health, but it can negatively affect your building materials and home furnishings. Black mold can stain your walls, carpet, and your furniture. Black mold can also cause your walls to warp and can damage your wood joists and beams.

Mold can cause wood to warp, rot, or split. Repairing structural damage caused by mold growth can be costly, so removing mold is important to help prevent unnecessary home repairs. 

Mold Remediation Cost

As you look to hire the best mold removal companies near your area, you may find yourself wondering about mold removal costs associated with remediation work, and the average cost to remediate mold from your Lakeland home. Unfortunately, many factors play a role in how much you will be charged to remove all of the mold from your home when you hire a professional.

The scope of the project, including how much mold is present and where the mold is located, the type of mold that is present, how easily accessible the mold is, and the mold remediation process required to remove mold play a huge role in how much you should expect to pay.

Contact Rytech Restoration of Central FL, we offer free Lakeland mold inspection. Obtaining an a free mold inspection by a certified Florida mold inspector the best way to determine if you have a mold infestation present, the level of toxic mold you're dealing with, and the proper protocol to remediate and remove the problem. 

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The Steps Involved in Rytech's Professional Mold Removal Process

Expert Mold Remediation Guidance & Advice At Every Step

Removing mold from your home is not a fast process, but the professional mold remediation process entirely necessary to ensure that the threat of black mold is removed from your home. Read along to learn all of the steps Rytech Restoration's mold remediation contractors will follow when ridding your home of mold. 


Find The Mold Source, Eliminate The Threat

Upon arrival, your Rytech Restoration of Central Florida's certified mold remediation specialists will take moisture readings and scan your home for any visible microbial growth. Depending on their findings the help of an industrial hygienist (IH) could also be required during this step.

mold inspection


Sealing Off the Area and Setting Up the Equipment:

The first thing that a professional mold remediator will do is seal off the area and set up the needed equipment. They often use tarps or plastic sheeting to enclose the area with mold. They then set up filtration systems to filter the air and remove any mold spores that are disturbed during the removal process.

remediation plan

Restore and Remove Damage Materials

Removing Items That Cannot Be Salvaged:

The next step in the process is to remove anything from the space that cannot be salvaged. For example, if carpet or carpet padding has mold on them, the carpet and padding need to be removed and disposed of properly. 

mold damage removal


Killing the Mold

Once services are complete, your Rytech specialist or industrial hygienist will perform a post remediation clearance test to ensure that your mold remediation job has been completed and that your home’s environment has returned back to normal.

100% customer satisfaction


Preventing Mold From Growing Back

Lastly, the best mold remediation companies will work with you to determine why mold started to grow in the first place and come up with a solution to prevent mold from growing back. 

Reasons to Select Rytech Restoration For Your Black Mold Remediation Services

Black mold found in Lakeland Florida home

When you are looking to hire mold remediation, there are many companies that you can select from to help you get rid of the mold growing in your home. However, here at Rytech Restoration, we work hard to set ourselves apart from other mold remediation companies. We are pleased to hold the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), as well as being licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Our experienced and skilled team of mold remediators has the knowledge and resources to find mold, properly remove mold and to help prevent mold from growing back. We also work hard to ensure that all of the mold is contained and will not spread as we work to remove it. We utilize HEPA vacuums, air filtration systems and air scrubbers during the mold removal process. Whether you are looking for crawl space remold removal, attic mold removal, or home mold removal, we can handle it all. 

Our team is also here to help you with more than just mold removal. We offer water damage clean-up services, fire damage clean up, smoke cleanup, hurricane damage cleaning and storm damage clean up services. 

Ready to Hire a Lakeland Mold Removal Company For Mold Remediation Service? Call Rytech Restoration of Central FL Today!   

When mold is present in your space, it is important to hire a company that offers mold removal near me as quickly as possible. Mold can spread quickly and it can make your family and friends sick. As such, you want to get to work having the mold removed from your home in a timely manner.

The professionals at Rytech Restoration, an IICRC certified firm, can help you with all of your mold removal needs. Call us today to obtain a free estimate or to schedule an appointment with us. 

Discover Why Our Lakeland Damage Restoration Services Are Trusted By Florida Homeowners

Frequently Asked Client Mold Remediation Questions

One of the questions that people often have about black mold growing in their homes is why black mold is present. For black mold to grow, water, moisture or humidity needs to be present. One of the most common reasons why mold grows in a home is because a leak is present that no one knows about.

A storm might have created a small roof leak, your bathtub may have a small leak underneath it or a pipe may have a small crack. Another common reason why mold grows in a home is that proper water cleanup was not completed after a flood occurred.

Lastly, if you have a humid home, or a humid space, such as a bathroom, mold can start to grow if you do not control the humidity in the space or throughout your home. After black mold is removed, it is important to find out exactly why black mold started to grow. This is the only way to prevent the problem and ensure mold does not start to grow again once the mold is removed. 

There are many home repairs that you can do on your own. Unfortunately, removing mold by yourself is not one of these repairs. The EPA recommends that you hire a mold remediation specialist if mold is growing on or around 10 square feet of space in your home. This is about a three-foot by three-foot space.

A professional remediation company works hard to not only remove the mold but also kill mold spores, helping to prevent the mold from spreading to other areas of your home. A mold remediation specialist also knows how to properly remove the mold and determine why the mold is growing, which can help prevent mold from growing back.

If mold is growing in your home, you should not attempt to remove it on your own. This is always a job you should entrust to certified mold remediation technicians or specialists. 

Another common question that you may have if you discover black mold growing in your home is whether your home insurance policy will cover mold removal services. The answer to this question is that they may.

Every insurance policy is different, so you should always read the wording in your policy or talk to an agent to find out for sure what is covered and not covered. However, as a general rule of thumb, if the event that caused the mold to grow is covered under your home insurance policy, the resulting mold removal will likely be covered.

On the other hand, if the event that caused the mold to grow is not covered by your home insurance policy, the resulting mold remediation will likely not be covered. The team at Rytech Restoration can work with your insurance if they cover mold removal or provide affordable finance options if they don't. 

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